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Precautions for operation of liquid automatic packaging machine

May 29, 2020

 Due to the variety of liquid products, there are also many types and forms of liquid automatic packaging machines. Among them, the liquid packaging machine used to package liquid food has higher technical requirements. Hygiene, safety and environmental protection are the basic requirements of liquid food packaging machines. , Some precautions should be clear during use.

  1. Before starting the machine, check whether there are any abnormalities around the machine.

  2. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden for the body, hands and head to approach or touch the moving parts.

  3. During the operation of the machine, it is strictly forbidden to extend hands and tools into the sealing knife seat.

  4. When the machine is working normally, it is strictly prohibited to switch the operation buttons frequently, and it is strictly prohibited to change the parameter settings frequently.

  5. It is strictly forbidden to run at high speed for a long time.

  6. It is forbidden for two people to operate all kinds of switch buttons and mechanisms of the machine at the same time; the power should be turned off during maintenance and maintenance; when multiple people are debugging and repairing the machine at the same time, they should pay attention to mutual communication and signal to prevent accidents caused by uncooperative.

  7. It is strictly forbidden to work with electricity when checking and repairing the electrical control circuit! The power supply must be cut off! It must be done by electrical professionals. The machine is automatically locked and cannot be changed without authorization.

  8. When the operator cannot keep awake due to drinking or fatigue, it is strictly prohibited to carry out operation, debugging or maintenance work; other untrained or unqualified personnel shall not operate the machine.

  Warning: For your safety and the safety of others, please follow the above requirements.

  The liquid automatic packaging machine is suitable for liquids such as soy sauce, vinegar, juice, milk, etc. Its forming, bag-making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting processes are all carried out automatically, which provides convenience for liquid packaging for enterprises, but during use, It is still necessary to pay attention to operation safety. Guangzhou Zhongkai Packaging Machinery has also made many improvements to the safety of packaging equipment, such as adding a host cover and using pneumatic control.