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Precautions for oil press operation

Apr 16, 2020

Pay attention to safety when using the small oil press produced by our factory, and follow the instructions for correct operation to avoid harm to the human body. 

The specific operations are as follows:

1. The stacking should be correctly installed according to the instructions, and the phenomenon of bulging or crooked stacking in the middle should be avoided as much as possible.

2. After the stacking is completed, it should be pressed in time. Before squeezing out the oil, pay attention to evenly spread the cake ring and clean the oil pan.

3. At the beginning of the press, the rising speed of the piston of the oil cylinder should be appropriate, that is, the pressure should be relaxed and even to prevent crooked stacking and excessive slag flow. In addition, the pressurization must be continued without interruption until the height of the cake stack begins to come out. Then, according to the operation request of "light pressure and pressure", insist on continuous oil flow until the pressing is completed.

4. During the pressing operation, it should also be noted that the rising height of the piston of the oil cylinder does not exceed the prescribed position, that is, the maximum stroke of the piston of the oil cylinder cannot exceed, in order to prevent the piston from being de-cylinder and causing an accident.

5. All the process of oil extraction should be reviewed. If there is a serious crooked stacking phenomenon, the whole stack should be carried out in time; if the pressure gauge is found to be malfunctioning or damaged, it should be repaired or replaced in time; if it encounters a safety valve failure, the cause should be found and eliminated in time.

6. The temperature of the oil press workshop of the small oil press is generally requested to be maintained to facilitate smooth oil flow.

7. After the pressing is finished, it can be unloaded. Generally, before unstacking, use a cloth to absorb the floating oil on the cake ring to reduce the loss of grease. When unstacking, the pads should be taken out one by one, and the crumbs adhering to the board should be scraped off. After unstacking, it is also necessary to pay attention to the oil floating on the cake surface of the two cakes on the top and bottom.

8. The oil used for hydraulic pressure in the oil tank and cylinder is generally the vegetable oil produced, but tung oil cannot be used. In addition, this vegetable oil often needs to be replaced according to the type of oil processed. However, it is not necessary to replace it when the oil has little effect on the quality after doping.