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Precautions about Frying equipment

Dec 11, 2019

   Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a new stone fryer company that integrates scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service, specializing in the production of food machinery and equipment. Based on the "oil-in-one" frying technology, different types of frying equipment have been developed, including: fryer, fryer, frying equipment, frying production line, continuous fryer, automatic fryer, etc. , To meet the needs of various food companies such as leisure, nuts, canned food, coatings, and become a rising star in the industry. 


Let's talk about the internal wiring requirements of the fryer:

    1. The wiring trough should be smooth and have no sharp edges or corners, otherwise it needs to be protected by a protective sleeve.

    2. The insulation of the internal wiring should be able to withstand the electrical stress that may occur in normal use.

    3. When the sleeve is used as additional insulation for internal wiring, it should be fixed in a reliable manner.

    4. Yellow-green two-color wires can only be used for grounding wires.

    5. Aluminum wires should not be used for internal wiring. Frying equipment

    6. Where multiple strands of wire are subjected to contact pressure, welding cannot be used unless there is a danger that the clamping device will not produce adverse contact during the year. Frying equipment

    I hope the above introduction to the internal wiring of the fryer can be helpful to you. In the fierce market competition, "Runxiang" people are not afraid of difficulties, dare to innovate, and never fail. In order to enable the company to develop continuously and steadily, the company positions product development, market development and talent training as its own sustainable development. Strategic goals and long-term planning, adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, the pursuit of win-win", in the production process, the food technology and mechanical structure are closely integrated, strict quality control, and strive to perfection, and strive to create more value for customers, Repay customers' trust in us. Shijiazhuang Fude Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.'s main products: fryer, fryer, frying equipment, frying production line, continuous fryer, automatic fryer and so on.