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Observation before fully automatic fryer operation

Jan 31, 2020

Fryer Features

1. The equipment should be heat-resistant, chemical- and mechanically-resistant, easy to clean, disinfect, and comply with food hygiene and requirements; the color of the equipment should not affect product quality or pollution assessment.

2. The parts and components used on the equipment surface should have good processing performance (bendability, machinability, weldability, surface hardness, and grindability. The heat source (heating or combustion) system used in the 5.19 fryer should comply with the relevant The production license stipulates the contact information of potato chip automatic fryer, including electricity, gas, fuel oil and coal (charcoal).

3. Foods fried by a fryer cannot cause acid value, peroxide value, carbonyl value, lead, microorganisms due to the fryer.

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Frying machine production line equipment operation sequence: 

1, cleaning: cleaning the fryer's production line and the hard and residue in the pipeline. 2. Trial operation: turn on the slag scraper belt, the upper and lower mesh belts, the lift, the fume exhaust fan and the circulation pump, the contact method of the potato full-automatic fryer, and observe the operation direction of the equipment, whether it is stuck and whether there is liquid leakage. 3. Refueling: Before refueling, completely clean the water and hard residues in the interior of the pot and in the pipeline. Add oil to cover the bottom mesh belt 30-50mm (fill cooking oil according to the actual situation of fried products). 4. Heating: Before heating, make sure that the oil level is under the covered mesh belt. 5. Operation: switch heating control for heating or not, set the frying temperature as required. When it reaches the set temperature, it can be fried. 6. Turn on the exhaust fan, the slag scraper belt, the upper and lower mesh belts, and the circulation pump in turn. 7. Check the pipelines and valves and turn on the circulation pump.