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Non-fried food does not represent low fat

Feb 08, 2020

Non-fried is not equivalent to low fat

    Many so-called non-fried crisp foods, in order to make them crispy, often need to add highly saturated fats and oils, which contain a large amount of palmitic acid or stearic acid.

    Puffed food such as delicious shrimp sticks and crispy horns are produced by extrusion puffing method and do not need to be fried. But this definitely does not mean low fat. The fat content of delicious puffed food is usually more than 15%, and a few products are even as high as 30% or more.

    Non-fried can also produce carcinogens

    Many people do not eat fried foods. On the one hand, fried foods have high fat content, which will bring too much energy; on the other hand, fried foods are processed at relatively high temperatures, and starch tends to produce acrylamide when fried at high temperatures. Such carcinogens. So is there no non-fried food?

    Take some potato chips currently on the market as an example, ordinary potato chips are fried, and non-fried potato chips are baked. And the baking temperature often reaches above 200 degrees. When the baking temperature exceeds 140 degrees, acrylamide is also produced. Frying equipment

    Fried food is not the basis for choosing food

    In order to evaluate whether a food is healthy, manpower must be applied from various aspects.

    Look at the ingredient list of the food: The ingredient list reveals the truth of the food. By looking at the ingredient list, you will find out which ingredients the food is made of. There is such a rule in the ingredients list. The ingredients at the top are the highest. So you can judge the main ingredients of this food by looking at the ingredients list. If the main ingredients are high-calorie raw materials such as fat, then the calories of this kind of food cannot be lowered.

    Look at the nutrient composition table on the food label: For modern people, the higher the fat content, the worse the health of the same type of food; the higher the calories, the worse the health;

    Look at the processing method of food: The processing method of frying is not good for health, which is well known. At the same time, we need to select foods that are processed at low temperatures and simple processing. Such foods have the highest preservation rates and are also the safest.

    Look at food additives: You should also pay more attention to the ingredients such as pigments, flavors, preservatives, etc., and try to choose natural, simpler foods. Frying equipment