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Nine advantages of the fryer

Feb 27, 2020

    1. Energy saving. The stove is soaked directly in the cooking oil. After the coal is burned, all the heat is dissipated into the cooking oil. There is no waste of energy. The fire inside the fire is burned through the pipe to the fire box on the other end by the blower. Then, the firebox at the other end returned to the chimney with a total stroke of more than 5 meters. The temperature of the chimney smoke exhaust from the chimney at the coal inlet was not higher than 160 ° C, which proved that all the heat was used.

    2. Large output. Large heating and heating area, burning stove stove, overheating pipe, fire box on the other end, tempering chimney, coal filling mouth are all heating, heating area exceeds 900,000 square millimeters, heating speed is faster than ordinary deep fryer 10 times. Eight hundred pounds of oil can burn to 160 ℃ in ten minutes.

    3. Fast heating speed. There are more heating tablets, dense heating tablets, and the gap between them is small. There is less oil in it, and there is less oil in it. Of course, it also consumes less oil (saving fuel), the amount of acid value produced, and black carbon ash. The amount is also small, which in turn will require more new oil. Extend food shelf life. The fried product does not turn black and is bright and beautiful. The reason is that our pot has small gaps and little oil. For example: two pots are placed in front of us at the same time, our pot holds 100 kg of oil, and the other pot holds 300 kg. The output of oil and two pots is equal, the pot with more oil consumes more oil, produces more acid value, and more carbon ash. At the same time, the food produced is darker, the shelf life is short, and there is more sediment in the pot. It also seems sticky, the oil quality is easy to deteriorate, and our pan with less oil is the opposite. It has less oil, consumes less fuel, has more fried products, and the oil updates faster. The inside is full of new oil, and the fried products are fragrant. It is also good-looking. It can also extend the shelf life. The oil is not easy to deteriorate and can be recycled. This saves oil and increases production. Its significant effect is clear at a glance.

    4. Automatic temperature control. When the coal inlet is closed, the coal is completely sealed and burned in the center of the oil zone. The air intake is used to control the temperature. If the air intake is large, the oxygen and the fire will be strong; if there is no air, the fire will gradually weaken, and there is a sensor at one end of the meter box. In the pot, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, there will be a music alarm to remind you that the temperature has reached the time when the material can be cut. At this time, the blower will automatically stop the blowing and the temperature will no longer rise, allowing you to complete in a relaxed and happy state. jobs.

    5. Automatic slag removal. The bottom of the pot is in the shape of a funnel. During the work of the fryer, small slags automatically settle in the funnel-shaped slag storage area (length 80cm, width 20cm), and then pumped by the oil pump with slag and oil to the strainer under high pressure 25 kg On the cloth, the oil will return to the fryer, and the residue will remain on the oil filter cloth, which can be cleaned away, so that it can be cleaned with frying, which is very convenient. In order to prevent the oil from becoming rigid in the winter, the oil pump is 2.2 kW with a high temperature resistance of 300 ° C. The oil can be pumped in even in winter.

    6. Automatic oil replenishment, oil release / automatic pan out. The oil pump can be used to put oil in another oil drum or pump oil from other oil drums into the pot. How much oil you lack when frying. Putting the materials into the frying basket has automatic stirring. After the food is cooked, you only need to press the button switch. The frying basket automatically rises, and the food is poured out. It saves labor to use artificial hedge fishing, which saves time and effort.

    7. Dust collector. When the coal is burned, there is a hairy ash, and there is a dust collector outside the wall to remove it. In this way, burning anthracite will not smoke or ash, and even if it is burned with bituminous coal, water mist will be used to remove dust. It is particularly environmentally friendly.

    8. Use the process to set the temperature: After the new pot is installed, first turn on the artificial residue removal switch, close the automatic residue removal valve, pour water into the pot to rinse, brush the pot clean while flushing, and then use the flashlight to light the pot Check the bottom to see if there is any small iron residue. If there is any, use a magnet to suck it out. Close the manual slag removal port and fill it with oil within one hour. Pump the oil to a height of 15㎝ in the frying basket and start ignition. The first time is During the running-in period of the pot, you cannot enter a large amount of air. According to the number 130-190 of the control thermometer, you can set it yourself. The head pot should be cut in half to prevent oil from overflowing.

    9. Simple maintenance and low maintenance rate. Freezer warranty for one year, oil pump, motor replacement within six months. We must learn to check for leaks. In the use of the deep fryer, we must watch the smoke from the chimney smoke and not smoke. There will be smoke when burning coal, and it will not smoke again when it is burned. There is no oil hazard in the body, but the oil is burned as fuel, and a small flame is sprayed in the fire tunnel. It is no problem to leak the oil for 3 to 5 hours. If there is more oil, you should immediately stop production and perform maintenance. There are no welding seams under the stove, and the welding seams are all on the top. People can drill in and weld, which is very simple.