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Method for deep-fried puffed rice cake of full-automatic fryer

Mar 30, 2020

Do you like to eat deep-fried puffed rice cakes? Fully automatic fryers will teach you how to make deep-fried puffed rice cakes with a deep-frying machine.

First, the basic formula

Glutinous rice flour 50kg, flour 50kg, white sugar 3.3kg, refined salt 2.3kg, monosodium glutamate 2kg, flour (for mixing) 10kg, water (for mixing) 58kg.

Second, the process

Beating → hot dough preparation → rolling strip forming → gauze cooking → cooling aging → slice → pre-drying → Jiari fryer high temperature fried puffing → packaging → finished product

Third, the process points

1, beat flour mix

混合 Mix 10 kg of flour for mixing with 58 kg of water, heat in a water bath, and control the product temperature between 60 ~ 70 ° C to prevent scorching and stir until the slurry is uniformly paste-like.

2, heat the dough

First mix glutinous rice flour, flour, sugar, salt and monosodium glutamate in proportion, and then slowly add the prepared slurry while hot, and then make flour and dough.

3.Strip forming and gauze cooking

Roll the prepared dough into a cylindrical strip with a diameter of about 5cm and a moderate length. Note that the noodles must be compacted and rubbed away, and the air is removed until the cut surface has no air holes. Wrap the dough with gauze and cook under normal pressure for 40min To fully gelatinize the dough.

4, cooling aging

Remove the gauze and wrap the strip of dough with a plastic film to prevent water loss and quickly place it in 1-4 for 18 hours to cool and age.


Set the temperature of the constant temperature drying box at 55 ° C. After the rice cake flakes are put in, the air drying is performed, and the drying time is 6h. The moisture content of the dried blank is measured at the end of the drying. The moisture content of the dried blank is controlled before frying About 8% is more suitable.

6. Fully automatic fryer-deep-fried

The temperature of the frying machine oil is controlled at about 180 ℃, the oil temperature is too low, the rice cake is hard but not loose, and the puffing is not good. When the oil temperature exceeds 200 ℃, the product is easy to become hard and coking