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Method for avoiding rust phenomenon in food dryer

Jun 05, 2020

Check and maintain moving parts, bearings, conveyor belts, and V-belts for damage and damage, and promptly maintain, fasten, and replace. Lubrication and maintenance, every 100 hours of operation of the hot air fan, and supplement of lubricating oil every 400 hours of operation of the cold air fan. The motor replaces butter every 1000 hours of operation. Lifting and conveyor bearings are filled with lubricant for every maintenance.

Repair of vulnerable parts: elevator bearings, bearing housings, lifting buckets, lifting bucket screws are easy to loosen, and need frequent maintenance. Conveyor bearings and tape connection buckles should be checked and replaced frequently. Electrical appliances and moving parts should be overhauled frequently. Pay attention to safety when repairing the top of the tower. When the operation is completed, the heating equipment should be closed first, and then the gas engine should be suspended. When the temperature drops below 100°C, the blower and exhaust fan should be suspended.

Remove the remaining materials in the fuselage, close the dust collector and close the power supply. Check the robustness of the bearing and the sealing link, the lubrication of each component and the orientation of the valve port. After turning on the power, observe whether the voltage and the meter are normal.

Before starting the food dryer, the air source triplet should be checked to drain the water and ensure an adequate oil level. Check and maintain the parts, such as lubricating the bearings, adjusting the pulleys, checking the electrical circuits, rocker arms of the doors, and the joints of pipes, etc., and fixing them. Ensure that the fixing bolts of the base are not loose, the support springs are properly connected, and the control of the computer board, the wind wheel, and the heat exchanger have contact sensitivity. Make sure that the food dryer equipment is in contact with the ground, and the temperature meter on the equipment should go through measurement verification.

In the production and production of food dryer manufacturers, many parts are made of carbon steel. If the operation time is long, it is easy to form a large amount of rust on the surface, and a lot of manual rust removal operations are often required. The passivation method is mainly to produce a fine anti-rust film on the surface of the metal through electrical and electrochemical reactions. After using this method, even if we put the device in a humid environment, it will not form rust. Moreover, this method is extremely simple, it can save a lot of manpower and material resources, and reduce investment, which is a widely used anti-corrosion method.

It can be seen from its operation process that the single-layer belt dryer is a continuous flow drying device that can be matched with the drying image of sheet, strip, and granular materials with good air permeability, especially like dehydrated vegetables , Chinese medicine decoction pieces and other high moisture content, but the temperature does not allow the drying of materials with high temperature.