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Matters needing attention in the installation of frying machine

Jan 23, 2020

Fryer: matters needing attention in the installation of frying machine. 

Here is a brief introduction to the installation precautions of the frying machine: 
1. The strength of the ground should be durable. 
2. The level of the ground should meet the requirements of the equipment. 
3. Use a wrench to adjust the level. 
4. The subsidence or unevenness of the ground will greatly affect the capacity and life of the machinery. 
5. Connect the primary power supply in the control box. 
6. After the power supply is connected, click each conveyor belt according to the drawing to confirm the direction of travel. When the power supply is in the opposite direction, it is possible to damage the machinery. Confirmation must be made. 
7. After the mechanical setting, the level must be adjusted. Fill it with water to see the level. Measure the horizontal distance of four corners. If the level is not good, the mechanical performance will be poor, the service life will be affected, and the conveyor belt will be deformed. 
8. When mechanical hoisting, the lifting ring must be used. Never use a wire rope to hoist the equipment directly from the mechanical frame. It can damage the equipment, which is very dangerous.