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Market prospect of drying equipment

Nov 01, 2018

The scientific and technological content of drying equipment shows a leading role at first. Since 2004, by the national chemical development situation continues to drive well, drying equipment market situation is stable and optimistic, production enterprises generally obtained better business performance. Drying Equipment Services The distinctive feature of the chemical industry is the increasingly prominent role of technical content. This and the past sales of products mainly rely on price competition has been very different.

Among them, some drying equipment technology content is high, pay attention to the development of new products manufacturers, the efficiency is increasing; on the contrary, some products with low technical content, weak new product and new technology development capabilities, the benefits began to decline. The market reaction shows that the chemical industry expects the drying equipment manufacturing industry to adjust the product structure according to the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection, further strengthen the basic research, and consolidate the foundation of Applied R & amp; d. In terms of technology, research on automation, testing, manufacturing processes and material design of materials has been strengthened

In Applied R & amp; d, we should focus not only on international exchanges and cooperation, but also on the protection of intellectual property rights, and on the development of new technologies and applications, as also on innovation and innovation in traditional and traditional fields of application.