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Main features of toothpick machine

Oct 23, 2020

1. The bag-making system adopts stepper motor subdivision technology, with high bag-making precision and error less than 1 mm;

2. The controller adopts LCD Chinese characters display; intuitive and convenient, the operation is clear at a glance, convenient for bag length adjustment, counting, and automatic alarm when there is no paper.  

3. The heat sealer has four-way heating control, and each sealing channel on both sides can be individually adjusted; the heat balance is good, the sealing quality is guaranteed, and it is suitable for a variety of packaging materials; at the same time, the heating speed is fast and the heating time is shortened.  

4. Intelligent photoelectric color mark positioning control system; side-opening protective baffle with good visibility, safe operation.  

5. The feeding system adopts a rotary 12-station 20mm stainless steel turntable, manual feeding, automatic mechanical opening and closing feeding, humanized design, convenient feeding and no jam, convenient for a variety of heterosexual dental floss toothpicks or similar plastic products, toys And so on, beautiful and practical.  

6. Z series adopts mechanical rotary cutter with fast packaging speed. The position of the cutter can be adjusted at will during the operation of the machine; in actual operation, the actual speed can reach up to 95 packs per minute, and the operating speed of a single person is based on the response of the guests. Up to 72 packs/minute. The speed of the equipment is adjustable from 55-100 packs/min.  

7. Specially set stop function to ensure that the heat sealer and cutter are in the open position when the toothpick machine is stopped in any state to avoid scalding the packaging materials and the heat sealing mechanism.