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Introduction to the classification of packaging machinery

Sep 18, 2020

According to function, it can be divided into single function packaging machine and multi-function packaging machine;

According to the purpose of use, it can be divided into inner packaging machine and outer packaging machine;

According to packaging varieties, it can be divided into special packaging machines and general packaging machines;

According to the level of automation, it is divided into semi-automatic machines and fully automatic machines.   

There are many types of packaging machinery and many classification methods. There are many types from different viewpoints. According to product status, there are liquid, block, and bulk packaging machines; according to packaging functions, there are inner packaging and outsourcing packaging machines; according to packaging industry, there are food and daily Packaging machines for chemicals and textiles; according to packaging stations, there are single-station and multi-station packaging machines; according to the degree of automation, there are semi-automatic and fully automatic packaging machines.   

There are many classification methods for packaging machinery. Each classification method has its own characteristics and scope of application, but all have their limitations. From the general situation of international packaging machinery, the more scientific classification method is to classify according to its main function, which can grasp the essence of things.