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Introduction to the basic structure of biomass pellet machine

Jan 13, 2021

1. Main body: The body of the biomass pellet machine is a single rectangular cylinder, on which a closed bearing seat is installed to connect with the powder hopper, and the powder hopper extends outside the machine body. The bottom is equipped with a V-shaped chassis, and the ground is wide and flat. It must be installed underneath and can be used indoors at will.

2. Particle production and installation: The rotating drum is placed horizontally next to the powder hopper. There are bearing brackets at the front and rear. It uses the rotation of the rack to make reverse rotation. The front bearing cover on the end surface is movable. A wing nut needs to be unscrewed, and the bearing cover and rotating drum can be withdrawn, and they are placed on both sides of the drum to make convex square rings, which are embedded in the bearing chamber, so that the oil will not penetrate into the powder and the plug will not be bonded. live.

3. Gearbox: Use the worm gear rotation speed ratio to see the oil that can be stored in the box to ensure good gear lubrication and no noise. There is a sight glass on the box to observe the operation status and oil storage. The outer edge of the worm gear is equipped with eccentricity. The shaft pushes the rack to move repeatedly.

4. Screen clamp pipe: installed on both sides of the rotating drum, manufactured by steel pipes, with a long groove in the middle, and the two sides of the screen are embedded in the groove, and the rotating flower-shaped handwheel wraps the screen outside the rotating drum. On the circle, there are gears in the hand wheel to support, and the tightness can be adjusted.

5. Motor frame: 1 is bolted to the screw, and the motor is installed on the iron plate. When the screw bolt is rotated, the motor will move up and down to adjust the transmission belt.