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Inspection before starting the automatic filling machine

Dec 31, 2020

 1. The production site must perform a systematic 4S work on the equipment under its jurisdiction before starting up and after the end of production.

 2. Check whether each pipeline valve is in good condition and there is no leakage.

 3. Check whether each meter is in good condition and whether the circuit is normal.

 4. Check whether the operating parts of each instrument and circuit are normal.

 5. There is no jamming of each rotating part, no loosening of the fastening part, normal running direction and good lubrication.

 6. Clean up the debris on the filling machine site and transportation belt.

 7. Drain the pharmaceutical liquid that has passed the pharmacy into the pipeline of the filling machine until the liquid medicine is consistent with the remaining sample, and pour the medicine into the finished product.

 8. Open the adsorption device and close the door of the machine room.