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How to use tea vacuum packaging machine?

Jun 24, 2020

Tea vacuum packaging machine is a device for vacuum packaging of tea leaves. This machine is mainly used for packaging of plastic composite film or plastic aluminum foil film. Toggle the power switch as needed to turn on the power, and the power indicator lights.

1. Place the plastic bag containing the items in the vacuum chamber, the bag mouth is neatly placed on the heat sealing strip and the gas nozzle is sleeved.

2. Depress the cover and the suction (vacuum) indicator on the panel lights. The vacuum pump starts to suck the air, and the cover is automatically sucked. The vacuum knob can adjust the vacuum level according to the packaging requirements. When adjusting, the visual scale is from low to high, and the amplitude should be small.

3. When the pumping reaches the set time, that is, the required degree of vacuum, the pumping ends.

4. When the pumping is completed, the indicator light will turn off and the heat seal indicator light will be on, and the inflation action will be entered;

5. After the inflation time reaches the set time, start the sealing procedure. The heat sealing time is set on the panel to adapt to different thickness materials. When adjusting the time, the rotation range should be small to prevent the heat sealing temperature from increasing suddenly and burning the heat sealing accessories.

6. When the heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator goes out to indicate the end of the heat sealing. The vacuum chamber is automatically connected to the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the cover is automatically lifted, and the vacuum packaging process is all over, ready for the next packaging cycle .

The products packed by the tea vacuum packaging machine are not damp-proof, and the storage time is longer!