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How to use snack food machine

Nov 28, 2019
  1. Before working, remove the head, movement, lead screw and other working parts, carefully clean the rice scale and oil stains on the core and lead screw, dry it after cleaning, and reinstall it.

2. When using, first turn on the machine for 1 minute-2 minutes, and then slowly add the raw materials to the feed port. When about a handful of raw materials can fill the ring groove of the screw shaft head, stop feeding and perform friction preheating. When the temperature of the standby head rises, the pressure in the machine cavity increases, and the feeding is started when the injection hole starts to spit. Since the normal temperature and pressure have not been reached in the machine cavity at this time, the feeding amount should be gradually increased.

3. Feeding should be continuous and uniform, and the material should be dry, otherwise the spiral groove will be easily blocked.

4. When the spiral groove is found to be blocked, do not stop the machine immediately. After stopping the feeding, run it for a while, and then stop it until there is a burnt smell. This can prevent the nozzle and the screw shaft sleeve from biting. In case the nozzle and the screw shaft sleeve cannot be disassembled after being bitten, do not slam it hard, you can remove it from the body, and put it in the fire for a while to remove it.

5. When the injection product cannot be sprayed at the beginning of the operation, the nozzle temperature is usually too high. The reason is that the raw materials are too dry, or there are foreign objects in the spiral groove, or the feed is interrupted. You should find the cause according to different situations. Troubleshoot.

6. After stopping feeding at the end of the operation, let the machine idle for 1 minute, and stop after exhausting the materials in the machine. Then remove the spray head and spiral sleeve while it is still hot, punch out the spiral shaft, remove the residue in the machine, and clear the spray holes for reuse. Note: Wear gloves when disassembling to prevent burns.

corn snack machine

corn snack extruders

Repair and maintenance of corn extruder:

⑴The box bearings should be filled with grease in time. After 500 hours of operation, all the grease should be replaced once. (Appropriate amount of grease should be added before the new machine runs, and the oil should be changed after 200 hours of operation.)

⑵Add grease to other bearing parts regularly.

⑶ During the disassembly and assembly process, it is strictly forbidden to use hard objects with heavy hammers on the wearing parts such as screws and screw sleeves, and it is forbidden to place heavy objects or stand on the puffing cavity.

⑷ Extruded raw materials should be cleaned to prevent foreign objects such as metals from entering the machine to damage the parts.

⑸ Check the quality of the extruder at any time and pay attention to replacing the wearing parts.

⑹ Keep the area around the equipment clean. When the puffing material is not used or replaced for a long period of time, the material in the puffing chamber should be cleaned to avoid agglomeration, mildew or cross-contamination between the materials.

⑻ Since the wearing parts near the discharge port are relatively fast and the wearing parts near the end of the feeding port are less worn, so when replacing the wearing parts, they should be replaced sequentially from the discharge end. component.