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How to use hydraulic oil press correctly

Aug 15, 2020

1. The external power supply must be firm and reasonable in layout;

2. When starting the machine to boost pressure or press oil, the upper top plate must be completely closed. Open the top plate completely when serving the cake.

3. If any abnormality (such as violent vibration or loud noise) is found when the equipment is working, please stop and check to see if the fixing screws of the hydraulic system and motor transmission part are loose, and whether the pipeline is leaking.

4. After working every day, please clean up the residue inside and outside the barrel in time to prevent the oil residue from blocking the oil joints.

5. At the end of pressing, be careful not to raise the plunger too high (the bottom of the oil cake is flush with the upper surface of the barrel) to prevent the hydraulic oil from coming out.

6. Add the hydraulic oil of the specified brand (46# anti-wear hydraulic oil), filter the hydraulic oil regularly, clean the oil tank, and find

If the hydraulic oil is reduced, it should be added in time.

7. If the pressure gauge is found to work abnormally, stop the operation in time and notify the staff for maintenance.

8. Before the test machine, the user must reliably ground or connect the enclosure to zero according to the local power grid regulations. The grounding resistance should be less than 4 ohms, and the cross-section of the wire should be greater than 6 square millimeters. During work, except for the staff, other personnel are strictly forbidden to touch the equipment.

9. Do not open the electrical cabinet or the fuel tank cover privately during the operation of the equipment.