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How to use food dryer better

Jun 11, 2020

Food dryer has good drying effect, easy operation and advanced features of operation efficiency. When we are preheating the equipment, we must come according to the process method, so as not to delay the use of the equipment, and then it is reduced. The disadvantages occur.

The quality of the food dryer directly affects the use of the equipment. In order to achieve the excellent technology, we established these requirements. The equipment changes the working conditions and the heat radiation is small, which does not constitute a high-temperature operating environment. It is safe to process. .

Punctually check the looseness of the bolts of the food dryer price, and if it is loose, it should be tightened in time. Always check the bearing temperature after starting the machine. Do not exceed 50°C (over 70°C should be cleaned and lubricated. If damaged, please replace the temperature control of the dryer in a timely manner. Safe operation of the drying equipment. Note the size of gears and couplings The safety cover and the protective fence around the dryer are provided by the user on site.

It is necessary to block the power supply when the machine rolls over to prevent contact with the shutdown and overhaul, and hang the warning sign of "repairing, preventing startup" together to ensure personal safety. The grounding wire is installed in the motor of the food dryer. If the equipment is found to be live, the operation should be immediately suspended and repaired in time. Check the equipment on time, pay attention to the wear status of gears, bearings, belts and other parts, and repair or replace in time to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.