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How to use chopsticks correctly in a low temperature environment

Oct 13, 2020

1. Clean the chopstick machine regularly. Cleaning the chassis of the chopstick machine and the appearance of the working device can play a role in descaling and decontamination. During the cleaning process, damage to various devices and components can also be found, so as to do a good job in the next step of the chopstick machine maintenance.

2. Regularly check the power supply of the chopstick machine. Try to use the chopsticks machine with better quality now, so that the power quality of the chopsticks machine is not only guaranteed, but also more assured during use. The quality of the power supply is very important for the elderly and children. Do not connect when there is water in the power supply. After drying the water on the power supply of the chopsticks machine, perform the work.Made. After each use of the chopstick machine, try to unplug the chopstick machine.

3. Replace the lubricating oil and grease for the chopstick machine. During seasonal maintenance, replace the lubricating oil of the chopstick machine with the lubricating oil used in winter, and pay attention to cleaning when changing the oil.

4. Inspection of the storage battery of the chopstick machine. Chopsticks machine automatic chopsticks machine electrical equipment maintenance check the battery motor wiring. Check and adjust the electrolyte density. Maintain the starter motor and increase the generator charging voltage. In winter, you should always charge the chopstick machine battery and maintain the preheating device.

5. Pay attention to the service life of the chopstick machine. Although the use and maintenance of the chopstick machine is very simple, as a household appliance, it is still the same as ordinary household appliances. After the service life is reached, the chopstick machine must be recycled. Performance will be more reasonable and safer.