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How to solve the problem of automatic powder packaging machine falling

Dec 25, 2020

1. When the automatic powder packaging machine is in operation, there is a large deviation in the cutting position of the bag, and the gap between the color code is too large, the color code positioning fails, and the photoelectric tracking compensation is out of control. In this case, you can first readjust the position of the photoelectric switch Try, if it fails, clean the former, insert the packaging material into the lead plate, and adjust the position of the paper guide so that the light spot coincides with the middle of the color code.

2. During the packaging process, the paper feed motor of the automatic powder packaging machine is stuck and does not rotate or rotates out of control. It is also a very common fault. First check whether the paper feed lever is stuck, whether the starting capacitor is damaged, and whether the fuse is out. Problems, and then replace them according to the inspection results.

3. The packaging container is not tightly sealed. This phenomenon will not only waste materials, but also because the materials are all powders, they are easy to spread and pollute the equipment and workshop environment of the automatic powder packaging machine. In this case, it is necessary to check whether the packaging container meets the relevant regulations, remove the fake packaging container, and then try to adjust the sealing pressure and increase the heat sealing temperature.

4. The automatic powder packaging machine does not pull the bag, and the pull bag motor is off the chain. The cause of this failure is nothing more than the line problem. The bag pull proximity switch is damaged, the controller is malfunctioning, and the stepper motor driver is faulty. Check one by one. replace.

5. The packaging container is torn off by the automatic powder packaging machine during the operation. Once this happens, check the motor circuit to see if the proximity switch is damaged.