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How to solve the noise problem in the production process of pellet machine

Oct 23, 2019

   First of all, it is normal for the biomass wood pellet machine to have sound during operation. However, the sudden increase in sound during production is one of the common problems. In order not to delay the normal production schedule and the normal operation of other parts of the equipment, we must not ignore these small problems.

  Here, the designers and engineers of our factory gave this timely feedback to our customers and the customers who are using biomass wood pellet machine, summed up the reasons and solutions for the sudden increase of noise in the production process.

  Reason one: It may be that the transportation of biomass raw materials is unstable. Solution: You can adjust the feed rate first and then observe.

  Reason 2: The feeding is uneven due to the wear of the deflection blade of the biomass wood pellet machine. Solution: A new scraper should be replaced.

  Reason three: The ring mold and the pressure roller of the biomass wood pellet machine are old and new. Solution: In the actual production, choose a new ring mold with a new pressure roller.

  Reason 4: The gap between the ring mold and the pressure roller of the biomass wood pellet machine is not coordinated with the material produced. Solution: Adjust the pressure roller gap in time.

  Reason 5: The cause of the biomass wood pellets pressure roller, the new and old pressure rollers are used together or the pressure roller is worn and damaged. Solution: Replace the press roller.

  Reason 6: The formula used in production is a type that is difficult to pelletize. Solution: You can adjust the formula to eliminate the impact.

  Reason seven: The biomass wood pellet machine has insufficient steam supply or changes in pressure. Solution: Check if the steam line and system pressure and pressure reducing valve are normal;

  Reason eight: There are debris in the granary. Solution: Remove the debris from the granulation bin before production.

  Reason nine: The biomass wood chip machine spindle bearing wear or damage. Solution: Replace the bearing if necessary.