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How to make fried meat

Feb 21, 2020

Ingredients: Selected lean pork, fatty pork, sweet potato flour (starch), eggs, plain water, salt


    1. Cut the lean pork into pieces of meat, cut thin and moderate, so that the taste is better and it is easier to fry.

    2. Cut the fat pork into thin slices. It is better to make it thinner so that the lard is easier to fry.

    3. Put the fat pork in a pot without water and start heating to let the lard flow out of the fat pork, which is actually the process of making lard.

    4. Put the lean pork in the bowl for stirring.

    5. Add an appropriate amount of eggs, then stir to make the egg liquid completely adhere to the surface of the sliced meat.

    6. Add salt, sweet potato flour (starch) and a certain amount of warm water. Pay attention to the amount of water, otherwise it will mash when fried.

    7. Begin to stir by hand until all pieces of meat are covered with flour.

    8. Remove the fat residue from the pan, leaving the lard hot. At this time you can start to simmer the meat.

    9. Disperse the prepared meat pieces into the oil pan, and pay attention to release them in order to heat the meat pieces evenly.

    10. Occasionally use a spatula to turn the meat slices, so that the meat slices are heated evenly up and down, so that the meat slices can be dried.

    11. While waiting to flip the meat pieces, when making a "giggle" sound, remove the meat pieces and make the fried meat.

    12. At this time, the finished product should be sealed in a plastic bucket, so that the crispness of the meat pieces can be maintained.

How to eat: The fried meat that has just been cooked is the best, very crispy. The soup with mushrooms, carrots and other ingredients is also very delicious.