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How to make fried food crispy and crispy

Feb 12, 2020

Deep-fried noodles such as fried dough sticks, twists, rice dumplings, jiangzi sticks, and crisps are crispy rosin, moderately sweet and salty, and golden in color. But when I made it myself (frying equipment), it was dry and astringent. In fact, the reason is that the mix of raw materials and auxiliary materials is not well grasped, or caused by irrational frying.

Theoretical explanation is: This type of food uses the chemical reaction caused by the neutralization of alum alkali to promote the bulk of the dough. Alum is potassium potassium sulfate, which is acidic after hydrolysis; alkali is sodium carbonate, which is an alkaline substance. These two substances react with water to produce carbon dioxide gas and flocculent aluminum hydroxide. When the frying equipment is fried, under the action of high temperature, the alum-alkali neutralization reaction is faster, and the high temperature of the oil will evaporate the moisture in the dough. In addition, salt is mixed in the preparation of the dough. Due to the infiltration of the salt, a part of the protein in the dough leaks out of the water, thereby making the dough more ductile and extensible. Under the effect of the above substances and conditions, such foods are crispy and crispy.

絮 Flocculants such as aluminum hydroxide are commonly known as "alum flowers". When preparing dough, the more "alum flowers" are produced, the better the quality of fritters (frying equipment). How can we make more "alum flowers"? The key is to master the amount of alum alkali used. Aluminum hydroxide is an amphoteric substance. In the chemical reaction, if the amount of reduction applied exceeds the amount of alkali required for the reaction with alum, the alumina is generated. When the amount of alkali applied is not enough to react with the alum, the amount of alum will be reduced and the product quality will be affected. Therefore, mastering the balance of the amount of alum alkali is the key to this kind of products. According to experience, it is more appropriate to use alum base in a ratio of 2: 1.

The amount of alum and alkali should be put in different seasons, and the water should also be used in warm or cold water due to different seasons. For example, the four seasons feed ratio of churros is exemplified. Spring and autumn seasons are 5 kilograms of flour, 120 grams of alum, 60 grams of alkali, and 160 grams of table salt. 5 kg of summer flour, 170 grams of alum, 85 grams of alkali, 180 grams of table salt, prepare dough with cold water. 5 kilograms of winter flour, 110 grams of alum, 55 grams of alkali, and 150 grams of salt. Prepare dough with warm water. In addition, it should be noted that the flour strength used should not be too high. Generally, a standard flour with medium gluten strength is appropriate, or some fine flour can be infiltrated in ordinary flour. Frying equipment