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How to make dog food

Sep 03, 2019

Introduction: 1. Product Description:

Pet food machine line is given to pet foods with novel shapes, unique tastes and colors, and is adapted to the growing pet food market with its scientific nutritional ratio and ease of digestion. The technical advantages of the company's efforts in the extruder over the years have been fully reflected in the pet food production line. Simple, easy to learn, and ** parameter control to ensure that the product is completed at specific temperatures, pressures, humidity and time. Reasonable structural design, special materials, fast self-cleaning performance to ensure mechanical stability and easy maintenance. A wide variety of shapes and flavors to meet the requirements of a variety of pet food.

2. Raw materials: meat powder, fish meal, corn flour, soybean meal, etc.

3. Products: Dog food, cat food, bird food, fish feed, etc. in various shapes, different pet foods according to different recipes and processes

4. Production: 120-150kg/h, 200-250kg/h, 400-500kg/h, 800-1200kg/h.

5. Process: Mixing machine → screw conveyor → pellet extruder → hoist → oven → seasoning machine → packaging.

6. Voltage: Three items: 380V/50Hz

7. Equipment Material: Stainless Steel

Pet food is a food specially provided for pets and small animals, and is a kind of animal food between human food and traditional livestock and poultry feed. Its role is mainly to provide a variety of pets based on life-saving, growth and health and nutrients needed for health. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding and prevention, and prevention of certain diseases*.

Jinan Meiteng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has developed and developed a variety of pet food production lines based on this market demand. The production line also has various configurations depending on the output. The production equipment can adjust the raw material, temperature, moisture and other process parameters, so that the product has the characteristics of novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition and fine structure, and is suitable for different pet tastes. The production line is widely used in the production of dogs, cats, fish and shrimps, foxes, birds and various pet foods. It is an ideal choice for different manufacturers.

Different shapes and sizes of feed replaceable molds and adjust the degree of expansion:

Dog food shape: heart shape, bone shape, round shape, triangle shape, small fish shape, square shape, etc.

Cat food shape: heart shape, bone shape, round shape, triangle shape, small fish shape, square shape, etc.

First, the pet food production line process:

Raw material preparation→mixing→conveying→extruding→conveying→drying→injection→flavoring→cooling→screening→packaging

Second, the pet food production line equipment configuration:

 Mixing machine→feeding machine→expansion machine→conveyor→multilayer oven→seasoning line→cooling conveyor→vibrating screen→packaging machine

Third, the pet food production line process composition:

1. Mixing machine: Add a certain proportion of water to the raw corn flour, rice flour, soy flour, meat powder, cereal flour, additives, etc., and mix well.

2, feeding machine: using the motor as the power of screw conveyor, the mixed raw materials are transported to the feeding hopper of the extruder to ensure convenient and quick loading.

3. Twin-screw extruder: Under the condition of high temperature and high pressure environment and screw extrusion, the mold can be replaced by adjusting the different feeds in the production process. The specific particle size and shape can be replaced.

4. Conveyor: deliver the feed to the oven.

5, multi-layer oven: the oven is mostly electric oven, the temperature is adjusted between 0-200 degrees through the control cabinet, the inside is a stainless steel double-layer mesh bag, reducing the moisture of feed pellets, promoting the ripening rate and increasing the shelf life.

7. Seasoning line: The oil sprayer sprays oil, attractant, etc. The seasoning tube has an octagonal cylinder, a cylinder, a lifting single drum, and a double drum seasoning line. According to the output and product nature, the ** is sprayed on the surface of the feed. Spray minced meat and spices at the same time and spread evenly.

8. Cooling and conveying: reduce the temperature of frying and feed, promote ** solidification, reduce particle temperature and facilitate packaging.

9. Vibrating screen: Screen out the excess external material and particles at the end of the year to ensure the quality and ensure the reuse of raw materials.

10, packaging machine: manual sealing machine and automatic packaging machine can be used.