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How to make chopsticks

Jul 11, 2019

Chopsticks are more and more popular all of the world, As people's demand for chopsticks is getting higher and higher, chopsticks machines are becoming more and more. Every pair of chopsticks is made by bamboo processing equipment. In the process of use, you must read the relevant instructions. If you do not pay attention to the details, the equipment damage is serious or even life-threatening. Next, the chopstick machine manufacturers will introduce the attention to details.

    Bamboo processing equipment use precautions:

    1. Adjust and install the blade to adjust the height of the blade. The edge of the blade of the flat knife is exposed outside the cutter head. The plane is 0.1 to 2.0 cm. After adjustment, apply the wrench to tighten the pressure bolt to prevent the blade from moving and causing damage to the machine. .

    2. Sharpening the blade, because the bamboo processing equipment is easy to break the bamboo machine, the blade is not sharp, this time should be sharpened in time, can increase the output. If the blade wears little, the oil stone sharpening can be used. The blade can be ground with a flat grinding wheel, and finally sharpened with oil stone. The angle of the blade should be less than 35°. When grinding with a grinder, coolant should be added to prevent the edge from annealing.

Chopsticks machine

    3. After starting up, when the standby sub-operation reaches the normal speed, the direction can be fed, and the material should not be started. When feeding, the hand should not penetrate into the feeding port to prevent the hand from being bruised. If abnormal noise occurs during the working, the machine should be stopped for inspection and troubleshooting. In order to avoid damage to the machine.

    4. For the adjustment of the fixed knife, the clearance between the fixed knife and the movable knife should be adjusted to 1 to 2 mm.

    5. Before starting the machine, check whether the bolts of all parts of the machine are tight. If it is loose, tighten it and turn the pulley by hand. The parts and the case should not be rubbed to ensure safety.

    6. It is strictly forbidden to put stones, bricks, metal and other hard objects into the feeding port to avoid damage to the blades and parts.

    7, the operator should not stand in the middle of the feed port, should be fed sideways to prevent accidents.

    8. The machine applies the bottom angle bolt horizontally on the concrete frame. If it is installed on the sleeper, the pile is fixed firmly.

    Bamboo processing equipment maintenance:

    1. After using the V-belt for a period of time, re-adjust the tightness. Press the middle of the belt with your finger and lower it by 5 to 10mm. After working every day, clean the machine and check if the parts are loose, so as to extend the service life. The power part is maintained by the use of bamboo processing equipment instructions.

    2. The bearing housing should be buttered and replaced once a month. If it is working continuously, it should be added twice, pay attention to observation.