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How to make bean snacks

Jun 20, 2019

Equipment introduction:

The green bean frying production equipment is specially designed for the mass industrial production of green beans. It is suitable for the processing of green beans and nuts and powdered products. The conveying equipment, frying system, oil immersion system, deoiling system, seasoning system, fried Oil treatment system, cooling and packaging system. The fully automated production operation of green beans has been realized, and the human factors have been reduced to ensure the use of efficiency to obtain better products.

Equipment composition:

Conveyor - fryer - oil immersion machine - conveyor - deoiler - conveyor - seasoning machine - conveyor


Deep-fried: Parallel conveying mechanism with gentle mixing of flow characteristics to avoid material damage during frying.

The modular design of the conveying unit, exhaust unit, heating unit, oil-expanding unit provides key conditions for the regulation, cleaning and maintenance of the equipment.

Sound and light alarm, emergency shutdown and more reliable lifting protection for safe production.

Immersion oil: a conveying mechanism and lifting mechanism similar to frying, and adhering to the modular design concept

At the same time, the pre-cooling device can control the oil temperature to a certain level, which guarantees us a more crisp product.

Deoiling: Centrifugal deoiling is used to ensure the oil content of the product, and the feeding, deoiling and discharging are fully automatic.

The electronic control system ensures that we get enough speed, working time and braking interval.

Seasoning: The degree of uniformity of seasoning depends on the tumbling and interaction of the materials in this process. We can use the octagonal shape to achieve more satisfactory results, and equipped with automatic feeding, discharging and control systems, so that we do not need artificial You can do this and it's more even and detailed.

Conveying: The turnover process is a process that easily contaminates the product, not just the labor problem. In the system of the complete equipment, the stainless steel conveying device is used in large quantities, which plays a key role in the process connection. Usually these conveying devices are based on the customer. The production conditions are designed and still adhere to our design philosophy, which is equally easy to clean and maintain.

Deep-fried oil treatment: Modular frying oil treatment equipment can be connected according to customer's requirements, and is used to satisfy customers who are paying more and more attention to quality.

Energy: According to the difference of regional conditions, with a variety of energy equipment conditions, such as: heavy oil, light oil, gas, coal, electricity, etc., the equipment control system must be realized with electrical energy.