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How to make bamboo sticks

Jul 14, 2019

Bamboo sticks machine produce all kinds of bamboo stick products, such as barbecue special bamboo sticks, which are processed through such equipment! The output is also very large, and the demand in life is also high! However, there are many aspects of the use of bamboo sticks that you need to pay attention to! Do not use a bamboo stick for a long time, which will cause greater damage to the human body.

Bamboo stick machine

   Repeated use of bamboo sticks is not conducive to human health. For example, in our common snack bar, most of them will use bamboo sticks repeatedly, and the repeated use of bamboo sticks may become a "hotbed" of germs. There are many health hazards in the recycling of bamboo sticks. Even after high temperature treatment, there is a high possibility of residual bacteria. Bamboo sticks with bacteria will pose a serious threat to the health of diners.

Serious infections may cause E. coli infection in the food, cause various digestive diseases, and may even infect infectious diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis A, and dysentery.

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