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How to maintain the oil press

Apr 17, 2020

Oil press, what should we pay attention to when using it, how to use it to extend the life of the oil press? Let me explain to you today.

1. Keep the oil tank clean. Clean the oil tank every 3 months or so and replace it with new oil, or remove the oil from the tank and filter it before use. Impurities in the oil will cause the oil pump to wear and cause blockage of the oil circuit, affecting the operation of the oil press.

2. The pressure oil in the oil pump should be filtered, and the concentration should not be too large. It is best to use rapeseed oil, soybean oil and peanut oil, etc. It is forbidden to use gasoline, kerosene and other flammable materials.

3. The connecting pin of the handle and the oil pump must be lubricated frequently to reduce wear.

4. The oil press should be installed indoors to avoid wind and rain in the open air, causing rust and cooking oil pollution.

5. When parking for a long time, the machine should be cleaned, oiled, and covered with a protective cover.