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How to maintain the fuel system of peanut harvester

Apr 10, 2020

In order to ensure the efficiency of the peanut harvester, it is necessary not only to assemble and lubricate various spare parts, but also to maintain the flexibility of the rotating parts. As a power system, the fuel system is more cautious. Due to the harsh working environment of the peanut harvester, the peanut excavator and peanut picker are combined. Two people received 100 acres of peanuts within two days. Once sand and dust are mixed into the fuel, the parts will accelerate wear and tear, resulting in damage, reduced injection pressure, black smoke emission, reduced engine power, etc., especially the life of the high-pressure pump.

For the fuel system of the peanut harvester, please do the following:

Peanut harvester fuel filter can remove impurities such as iron oxide and dust in the fuel. It is an artifact to prevent fuel system clogging and reduce mechanical wear. Therefore, regular replacement of the fuel filter can ensure the stable operation of the engine. Under normal circumstances, the fuel filter should be replaced after 250 hours of initial operation, and then replaced after every 500 hours of operation.

For the peanut harvester, please remember to drain the water and impurities in the bottom of the fuel tank and the oil-water separator to ensure the stability of the engine system

The peanut harvester properly adjusts the fuel advance angle of the diesel engine to facilitate the smooth start of the diesel engine and reduce the wear and fuel consumption of the machine.

Use high-quality motor oil. This type of oil is not easily oxidized at high temperatures and does not form deposits in the precision components of diesel engines, which can greatly extend the life of diesel engines. On the contrary, if low-quality oil is used, it is easy to leave carbon deposits and sludge in the diesel engine, block the filter and the oil circuit, and shorten the service life of the diesel engine