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How to maintain Peanut harvester

Aug 27, 2019

1. How to maintain the fuel system of the peanut harvester

A. Peanut Harvester Fuel Filter removes impurities such as iron oxide and dust from the fuel. It is an "artifact" that prevents fuel system blockage and reduces mechanical wear. Therefore, regular replacement of the fuel filter ensures stable operation of the engine. Under normal conditions, the fuel filter should be replaced after 250 hours of initial operation and then replaced after every 500 hours of operation.

B. Peanut Harvester Remember to drain the water and impurities from the bottom of the tank and the water separator to ensure the stability of the engine system.

C. The peanut harvester appropriately adjusts the fuel supply advance angle of the diesel engine to facilitate the smooth start of the diesel engine and reduce the wear and fuel consumption of the machine. The use of high quality oil. This type of oil is not easily oxidized at high temperatures and does not form deposits in the precision parts of diesel engines, which can greatly extend the life of diesel engines; on the contrary, if poor quality oil is used, it is easy to leave carbon deposits in the diesel engine. And sludge, plugging filters and oil circuits, and shortening the life of the diesel engine.

2. About the use steps and equipment of the peanut harvester

  1. First, start the walking tractor to make it run first.

  2. Second, the excavation part of the peanut harvester runs to excavate the ground peanuts

  3. Third, when the machine continues to run, the excavated peanuts move backwards, the shoveling peanuts and clods move backwards, and the peanuts are transferred to the conveyor chain.

  4. During transportation, as the machine keeps shaking, the clods on the peanuts will fall, and the clean peanuts will fall.

The peanut harvester facilitates the reasonable combination of the excavation part and the machine separation part, while completing the excavation and soil removal operations.

 Peanut harvester equipment:

  1. The power supply of the peanut harvester is mainly provided by the pulley and the sprocket.

  2. Part of the equipment selection of the peanut harvester is considering its high stability and high efficiency work. Of course, it can work and install in harsh environments such as high temperature and low speed, oil pollution; it is easy to manufacture, low level, and the ability to achieve wide delivery is also an important reason for choosing it.