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How to maintain oil press machine

Oct 17, 2019

1. How to maintain the oil press for a long time?

a. The oil used in the oil extraction equipment will cause rust and blockage of the machine for a period of time, and it is not conducive to the health of the next oil. Therefore, we need to clean the inside of the equipment after each processing of the oil.

b. When cleaning the oil extraction equipment, choose the appropriate method, generally use water or the corresponding cleaning agent.

c. Oil extraction equipment should regularly check the wearable parts of the equipment. If it cannot be used normally, it should be replaced in time. If there is any problem with the line, it should be removed.

d. If there is a fault during operation, stop it first, and perform fault check and repair. If the fault cannot be solved by yourself, please ask the professional to repair it.

e. Check and maintain the pressure gauge, thermometer and other instruments to ensure safety and trouble-free.

2. What are the reasons for the poor oil output of the oil press?

 a. The oil seam of the pressed strip is too tightly packed with oil residue, broken ends or squeezed strips. We should remove the oil residue and check if the squeeze is too tight. If the squeeze is too tight, it should be adjusted.

 b. If oil is in the hopper of the oil press, we should stop the feeding, then use the oil cake to slowly flush out the oil, and the oil can be washed out to continue the operation; we can also stop the oil from the row. Discharge the material port, re-disassemble the pressing parts, and then press the machine after the adjustment is completed.

 c. Oil crops with high oil content We should pay special attention to the fact that if the cake is too thin during pressing, the oil can not be discharged from the seam in time, so it will be stored in the press and hopper; The oil seed is operated, the cake is thicker, and vice versa