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How to maintain feed pellet machine

May 30, 2019

Only formal production can achieve the most ideal effect. The production of pellet machine is also the same. Every step must be cautious and face masked. What management should be strengthened in the production process of pellet machine?

       1. The management of the granule feeding port, different biomass materials should be stacked in a special warehouse, away from (flammable, explosive, fire source) and marked, indicating the name, humidity, and date of purchase of the raw materials. The granule machine production line warehouse manager uniformly numbers each granule feeding port, draws the regional distribution map of the whole material yard, and then informs the laboratory, control operator, equipment manager, and loader respectively, and cooperates with the above personnel to determine the materials together. The input slogan of the input, as well as the storage of each material.

  2. Strengthen the management of materials and dust. Each feeding port shall have a mark, the particle machine shall indicate the name and humidity of the raw materials stored therein; the feeding port of each granulating machine shall have a mark consistent with the cooler and the vibrating screen, indicating the specification and number, etc.; each granule production line The special person is responsible for the feed management. When the biomass materials are put into storage, they must be checked and signed by both the receiving personnel and the supplier personnel to prevent errors in the feeding process and cause production losses. The pellet machine production line warehouse manager should feed the raw materials. The ports are numbered uniformly, and the distribution map of the feed ports is made to notify the laboratory and the control and equipment administrators respectively.

       I believe that only the management norms, our pellet production companies will be better and better.