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How to improve the oil rate of rapeseed

Oct 22, 2019

1. What are the key factors affecting the oil level of the rapeseed oil press?

(1) The raw material is not clean enough, and there are sand and impurities entering the press.

(2) The raw material moisture is not suitable (adjust the raw material moisture) The raw material is too wet or too dry, the mold is damp and mild, the grain is not full, and the impurities are too much. The oil should be re-purified or the oil moisture should be adjusted.

(3) The speed of the screw shaft is too high or too low, and the speed should be adjusted until it meets the requirements.

(4) The raw material is not clean enough, and there are sand and impurities entering the press.

(5) When the cake is too thin or too thick, the thickness of the cake or the oil should be adjusted.

(6) The oil drain joint is blocked by the oil slag. And adjust the tightness of the squeezed strip according to the level of oil content

(7) At the beginning of the pressing, the pressing temperature is too low, and the mill should raise the temperature.

(8) Parts are worn, worn parts should be replaced, and the parts are worn out seriously (replacement parts)

(9) Spiral shaft polishing, parts should be replaced

(10) Rows, the circle is discharged with small oil eyes, and the oil is not smooth.

(11) The screw shaft or the cake opening is not smooth, which affects the feeding and the cake. It can be ground with a grinding wheel. It can also be used to mix the material with large friction coefficient such as chaff into the cake, add appropriate water, start up and feed slowly. Pressing, the cake is polished

2. Introduction to sunflower oil

Sunflower oil contains a large proportion of oleic acid and linoleic acid, so the nutritional value is higher.

Sunflower oil is an oil made from the seeds of sunflower. China's sunflower oil is mainly produced in the northeast, followed by North China.

Sunflower oil has a special smell, and the regular oil processing plant has refining equipment, which can be completely removed through the refined deodorization process.

Sunflower seeds contain less natural antioxidants, and the oil contains traces of oxyacids, so the stability is poor. Unrefined sunflower oil is not easy to preserve, and it is easy to rancid to produce "ha" flavor. Should choose the refinery of sunflower oil produced by regular manufacturers.

3. Sunflower seed oil press maintenance instructions and maintenance

a. After every 50 hours of operation, the lubrication should be checked. The oil cup on the gearbox should not be short of oil. The screw shaft should be adjusted. The inner bearing of the screw should be filled with grease once per shift from the adjusting screw hole. Dry grinding is strictly prohibited.

b. The parts of the oil should be protected from dust and other impurities. The quality of the oil in the gearbox should be checked once a year. If it is found to be deteriorated, all oil should be replaced.

c. When the pressing amount is reduced and the cake or oil is not normal, the screw shaft should be pulled out to check the wear of the screw, the strip and the cake ring, and the worn parts should be replaced in time.

d. After the end of each shift, remove the residual cake in the machine and wipe off the dust and grease on the surface of the machine.

e. When storing for a long time after the end of the production season, it should be maintained once, and the snail, the squeeze bar, the cake ring should be removed and washed, re-applied and placed in a dry place.