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How to harvester potato

Aug 22, 2019

1. How to improve the productivity of potato planters

Preparation for planting potatoes:

A. Prepare the required fertilizer and seeds before planting the potatoes. As an important part of the agricultural production process, “fertilizer” plays an important role in agricultural production. The suitable farmyard manure and compound fertilizer are blended at a rate of 100KG per acre, and poured into the fertilizer tank of the potato planter. Before the seed is planted, it must be selected through seed selection, sun-breeding, soaking and cutting, and then ready to be poured into the seeding box of the potato planter.

B. The new potato planter already has the functions of automatic arable land and screening of debris contained in the ground, but for the efficient operation of the potato planter, we should also plant large stones in front of the road, bare large The grass roots are all removed.

C. After the efficient planting of the potato planter, we should tidy up the fields and clean up the spilled fertilizer and seeds so that the potatoes can be effectively planted. After using the potato planter, It should be maintained and maintained in time to facilitate future planting and production operations.

2. How can the potato planter maintain efficiency over the long term?

A. The potato planter should be used on soil that has been ploughed, loosened, cleaned and leveled and has a suitable moisture content.

B. The potato planter should be equipped with appropriate inspection and maintenance tools to ensure that it is always taken care of. For each rotating part, inspection and oiling maintenance should be carried out according to the requirements of use.

C. Then, before using the potato planter, the tension of the potato planter should be checked and the tensioning device should be adjusted accordingly. The sprocket that determines its working position by moving on the shaft must be positioned and locked with a fastening screw. tight. Always check the fastening degree of each joint part. If it is loose, it should be locked immediately.

3. What safety matters should be paid attention to when using potato planters?

A. The user must obtain the legal driving tractor qualification. It is strictly forbidden for young people under the age of 18 and those who have not participated in the training of the tractor driver. It is strictly forbidden for the operator to operate after drinking or suffering from illness and excessive fatigue. It is strictly forbidden to carry out adjustment, repair and lubrication work during the operation.

B. The user must read the instructions carefully before using the machine, and be familiar with the use characteristics and operation methods of the machine before working.

C. The planter must inspect all parts before each shift. Check if the bolts are loose and the rotation of each part is normal. After the excavator is commissioned and maintained, it must be stopped after stopping.

D. It is strictly forbidden to eliminate the fault when working backwards or emergency turning.

E. It is necessary to stop the cleaning when the clay or the grass is too much on the working parts and the transmission parts. It is strictly forbidden to clean by hand during the operation.

F. There must be good lighting at night.

4. Daily maintenance work of potato planting machine

A. Running-in and maintenance of the whole machine: The new machine should be fully worn in the initial stage of use. The purpose of running-in is to have good work and clearance and lubrication conditions between the moving parts. The number of acres to be run in is about 30-50 mu. During the running-in period, the working state of each running component should be observed frequently. If there is inflexibility, the phenomenon of heating on the rotating part should be promptly removed. The solid parts should be checked frequently to prevent the potato planter from being damaged due to looseness or falling off.

B. Lubrication and maintenance of potato planter: Lubrication is an important part of the process. Proper lubrication can greatly reduce the wear and running friction of potato planter parts. Therefore, the maintenance should be carried out regularly, and the lubricating grease should be used reasonably. Before adding the oil, remove the dirt on the oil cap, the grease nipple and the chain to avoid bringing it into the interior when refueling. After the refueling, the oil stain near the refueling port should be wiped off and squeezed from the seal of the part. Out of the grease. The bearing and the running friction part are filled with synthetic calcium-based lubricating grease, and the conveying chain and the sprocket are coated with ordinary engine oil.

C. Daily maintenance of potato planter: During the planting season, some vulnerable parts, such as drive chain, chain link, drive sprocket, seed cup and screw fittings, should be properly stored for emergency use. Before and after each shift, the potato planter should be routinely inspected, greased, and the weeds, soil, etc. on the potato planter should be removed in time, and the damaged parts should be replaced in time.

D. The potato planter should be raised and lowered smoothly: during the operation, the potato planter is raised and lowered frequently. Therefore, the machine must be lightly lifted and dropped during the operation. Avoid landing on the ground quickly, causing damage to the potato planter and causing unnecessary losses.