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How to fry sweet potato meatballs

Dec 28, 2019

Automatic Fryer: Fried Sweet Potato Meatballs


     The fried sweet potato balls are crispy on the outside and sweet on the inside, which meets the appetite of most people. It can be said to be suitable for young and old. The specific production method is as follows:

1. Raw material formula

     Sweet potato 250g, flour 250g, milk powder 40g, sugar 50g, cooking oil (actual consumption about 100g)

Production method

     Wash and peel the sweet potatoes and cut into mung bean-sized grains. Add flour, sugar, and milk to sweet potato grains, add an appropriate amount of water and mix to form a slightly soft dough. When the frying oil in the fryer is heated to 60%, the dough is squeezed into 2cm diameter balls and then immersed, then cooked until golden brown (or dark yellow) is removed and the oil is drained.

Third, the production points

     The ratio of sweet potatoes to flour should be appropriate. There are fewer sweet potatoes, and the finished product cannot highlight the flavor. If the flour is small, the stickiness is poor, and it is not easy to form agglomerates. In addition, the sweet potato meatballs should be moderately soft and hard, and the oil temperature should be controlled at 60%. The high ones are sandwiched in the outer burnt paste.