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How to extend the service life of hydraulic oil press?

Aug 13, 2020

1. Pay attention to keeping clean and sanitary.

Before and during squeezing, the surface of the piston must be cleaned. The dirt and oil on the surface of the piston must be cleaned in time; always pay attention to whether the hydraulic oil in the oil tank is clean, and the oil must be carefully filtered when filling the oil tank. After using for a period of time, if the oil is found to be dirty, it should be filtered out in time or replaced with new oil.

2. Pay attention to maintaining reasonable pressure.

When using the oil pump to pressurize, it should not be too rushed to prevent the hydraulic parts from being damaged by the impact of the oil circuit. When reducing the pressure, the oil return valve must be opened first. When the oil in the oil cylinder returns to the oil tank, the valve should be opened slowly. In order to avoid a sudden drop in pressure; during use, it is strictly prohibited to adjust the safety valve to a pressure gauge reading more than 40 MPa to avoid bursting of pipelines and cylinders; it is strictly prohibited to extend the swing handle of the oil pump at will to prevent overload operation of various parts. The safety valve should not be tripped frequently to avoid the valve sleeve being worn and the spring losing its elasticity due to excessive fatigue and causing the safety valve to fail.

3. Pay attention to timely repair and maintenance.

When the hydraulic oil press is in operation, you should always pay attention to the operating conditions of the machine. The vulnerable parts (such as cups, sealing devices, steel balls, pistons, etc.) should be checked frequently, repaired and replaced in time, and loose nuts should be removed. Sturdy, the machine should be overhauled and cleaned regularly. When the hydraulic oil press is out of use, the hydraulic oil press should be wiped clean, greased on the parts that are prone to rust, and wrapped in greased paper or kraft paper to prevent rust.