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How to distinguish between good and bad fryers

Feb 24, 2020

The following 9 methods let you identify the performance of the deep fryer

1: How many tons per person per day of the fryer is produced, whether the machine automatically controls the temperature, automatically removes, automatically removes the residue, automatically filters the oil, automatically lubricates, and automatically releases oil.

2: The color of the produced food is good or not, the taste is pure and not pure, how long is the shelf life of the food, will the edible oil be rancid, how much do you know?

3: How much cost can be saved every day, how much coal is required to fry a ton of finished products, whether coal can remove smoke, dust, and how much labor is used, etc.

4: Is the fryer repair simple? Welding, motherboard, electronic components, instrumentation, how much do your company personnel know, can you control?

5: How long is the service life of the fryer, such as the heating tube, the pot out device, the temperature control system and so on.

6: Whether the price of the fryer is balanced with the production volume (average price of the fryer and the fryer market: about 3000-5000 yuan per ton per day)

7: Is the certificate of the fryer manufacturer complete?

8: Whether the fryer is beautiful and beautiful.

9: Is the fryer environmentally friendly?

10: How many food companies are using it, can I visit it?