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How to deal with overcurrent

Aug 18, 2019

Firstly,Let us analyze the relationship between current and voltage: in the case of a certain resistance, the current in the conductor is proportional to the voltage across the conductor. It should be noted that: (1) the current in the conductor and the voltage across the conductor are for the same conductor; (2) it cannot be said that when the resistance is constant, the voltage is proportional to the current; there is a certain causal relationship. The voltage here is the cause, and the current is the result. Because the voltage is applied across the conductor, there is current in the conductor, not because the current is applied to the conductor.

The relationship between current and resistance is: when the voltage is constant, the current in the conductor is inversely proportional to the resistance of the conductor. Pay attention to the understanding: (1) the current and resistance are also for the same conductor; (2) it cannot be said that the resistance of the conductor is inversely proportional to the current passing through it. Since the resistance is a characteristic of the conductor itself, even if the current does not pass through the conductor, its resistance does not change, and its resistance does not change due to the increase or decrease of the current in the conductor.

How to deal with volatge and current when connect with electrical power?

For example,one customer have voltage of 242v,his current is 35(the right number of 220v,single phase should be 0-30),his machine stopped in order to protect machine self,but how to produce commonly?

There have several ways to solve,one way is reduce volatge into 220v,one way is increase resistance.

How to check if your current is over current or not?

1,Please find electrical person to check with multimeter?

2´╝îPlease check if the machine work normally or not?

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