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How to correctly operate wheat flour processing machinery

Nov 15, 2020

 The purpose of wheat flour milling is to process the cleaned and moisture-conditioned wheat into wheat flour suitable for different requirements through the mechanical action of flour, while separating the by-products under the action of the flour machinery.

 Wheat flour milling is an extremely complex and important process. The key to the flour milling process is how to separate the endosperm from the wheat husk and wheat germ as completely as possible. Therefore, the problem to be solved in milling is how to ensure a high flour extraction rate The low wheat husk content in wheat flour and wheat flour is also the reproduction of the flour milling process. With the development and progress of society, the production of special flour has become a trend, and the requirements for the flour milling process have become higher and higher. The endosperm of different parts of the wheat is separated and purified according to the food quality, and the process is combined according to the quality of the wheat processing flour machinery products to produce better quality special wheat flour.