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How to choose suitable fryer

Dec 12, 2019

Here is questions you should consider before choosing suitable fryer machine:

      1. Product output

      2. Which is the most convenient and most economical energy.

      3.Easy operation and wages for workers. Fry Pan

      4.Investment capabilities. Don't choose the most expensive, just choose the one that suits you best.

The types of fryer are:

      1.Stand-alone: suitable for manufacturers with small output and fried multiple products.

      2.Semi-automatic fryer: suitable for medium-sized production, can fry a variety of products, economical and affordable.

      3.Frying machine is suitable for: single product with large output.

The above is the correct selection method of the fryer, I hope it will help you. Zhengzhou Runxiang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an emerging Shijiazhuang fryer company integrating scientific research, manufacturing, sales and service, specializing in the production of frying equipment. The company absorbs the world's advanced mechanical processing technology, combines customer needs, Based on the deep-frying technology, we have developed different types of deep-frying equipment, including: deep-frying machines, deep-frying pans, deep-frying equipment, deep-frying production lines, continuous deep-frying machines, automatic deep-frying machines, etc To meet the needs of various food companies such as leisure, nuts, canned food, coating, etc., it has become a rising star in the industry.