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how to choose and use packing machine

Jun 10, 2019

Equipment maintenance:

Maintenance of the granule packing machine is essential for long-term use.

     1: For your safety, please add a protective ground wire;

     2: The inside and outside of the machine must be cleaned before and after work, and the parts that have passed the food must be strictly disinfected.

     3: Please check whether the oil level of the gas source triple tank storage tank is kept above 1/3 every day before and after work. If less than 1/3, you should inject 20# pure oil to about 1/2 of the tank.

     4: Take out the unused packaging film when you are off work, so as not to bend the support tube.

     5: Always check the screws of each part, no looseness;

     6: Keep the photoelectric head clean at all times, and the electrical parts should be dust-proof and moisture-proof;

     7: If there is material in the vertical seal or horizontal seal during the booting process, stop the machine and clean the vertical seal or cross seal with a copper wire brush.

Common causes and troubleshooting

Fault type


the reason




Touch button machine does not work


Check if the emergency stop switch is reset


Reset the emergency stop switch


Leakage switch trip


Electrical leakage, etc.


Check each appliance one by one


Temperature control table number repeatedly beats


Thermocouple is loose or damaged


Fastening or heat exchange galvanic couple


Sealing roller is not hot


1. Trip protector trips

2, the heat film burned out

3, the temperature control table burned out


1, check to eliminate the short circuit, re-close

2, replace the heating sheet

3, replace the temperature control table


The temperature is normal when the machine is stopped, and the temperature is continuously decreased after the machine is turned on.


1, the voltage is low, the power of the heating chip is reduced

2, the power of the heating plate is too small

3, packaging speed is too fast


1. Reduce the packaging speed or add a voltage regulator

2, replace the high-power heating sheet

3, reduce the packaging speed


Bag sealing leak


1, the temperature is not enough

2, insufficient pressure

3, the sealing time is too short

4, front and rear horizontal seals and seals


1, properly raise the temperature

2. Appropriately increase the pressure within the specified range

3. Increase the sealing time parameters appropriately

4, carefully adjust the horizontal seal 琨 seal parallelism


Cannot control cut points or cut half packs


1. Wrinkling of the edge of the packaging film or optical path quality causes photo malfunction

2, the photoelectric eye sensitivity is not adjusted well

3, set the bag length is not enough to cause long and short bags


1, replace the packaging film

2. Readjust the photoelectric sensitivity

3, increase the bag length setting