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How to carry out automatic detection device for tea bag packaging machine

Dec 11, 2020

(1) Compact size. The mechanism of the triangular tea packaging machine is more complicated, and the compact space requires that the sensor and other devices should also be small. For example, the thermocouple installed in the heat-sealing plate of the strapping machine should be less than 2 mm in diameter and adopt a needle-shaped armored thermocouple. The display and adjustment devices are all equipped with large scale integrated circuits to be equipped with digital display and arbitrarily set standard push parts. It is not only beautiful, but also convenient to operate and adjust when installed on the tea packaging machine.

(2) The reaction speed is fast. This is a requirement for high speed. For example, after the packaging speed exceeds 1000 times per minute, the response speed of many sensors cannot meet the requirements.

(3) High reliability. The load rate of packaging machines is generally very high, often under high-speed operating conditions, and some tea packaging machines have to work for a long time in harsh environments such as high temperature, high dust, and high temperature, and even have to withstand water washing, etc. . Therefore, the sensors installed on the work site are very reliable and adaptable, and the adjustment device should have high anti-interference ability.

(4) High measurement accuracy. The measurement accuracy affects the reputation of the product and the packaging cost. But under high-speed and long-distance travel, it is difficult to achieve high precision, especially for weighing. Research on high-speed and high-precision weighing devices is an important technical subject still being explored.

 Photoelectric sensors are widely used in packaging machines. Because it is non-contact, high sensitivity and easy to use. In order to improve its accuracy and reliability,

Various new optoelectronic components are being developed.

 The new technology of laser and optical fiber has been used for defect and size inspection of glass bottles for packaging, greatly improving the speed and scope of inspection. Of course, the price is much more expensive than ordinary photoelectric devices.

 Infrared temperature measurement is also a new detection device under development, which can be used in occasions where pyroelectrics cannot be installed.