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How should chopsticks be washed

Oct 29, 2020

  Many people directly put the chopsticks in the water when washing the chopsticks, add detergent or some products that can clean the chopsticks, then start to wash the chopsticks, and finally take the clean chopsticks

Out. But, do you know? The most common daily chopstick cleaning method is actually wrong.

  Experts suggest that it is best to soak the chopsticks before washing them. The purpose of soaking is to remove the bacteria adsorbed on the chopsticks, so that the cleaned chopsticks are more

Chopsticks that are cleaned are cleaner and hygienic. After the chopsticks are cleaned for a long time, because only the surface contains water, the inside of the wooden chopsticks will become moldy. After soaking,

Soaked chopsticks can largely avoid this problem. The stains on the surface of the chopsticks after being soaked in the last time are easier to remove, and more easily, without consuming too much energy

(Chopsticks machine).

  Before washing the chopsticks, soak the chopsticks to remove surface stains; secondly, add detergent and other washing products that can remove oil and bacteria to make the chopsticks cleaner;

The chopsticks are cleaned manually; finally, clean water is used again to clean the chopsticks a second time. After washing the chopsticks, you can put the chopsticks in the chopstick cage for drying, if you feel

After drying, the chopsticks will absorb dust (the chopsticks are machined and produced), and the washed chopsticks can be directly placed on a dry towel for drying. The dried chopsticks can be stored in the chopstick machine.

This eliminates the need for safety hazards when using chopsticks again