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How much do you know about the characteristics of automatic fryer

Mar 29, 2020

Animal fats sink into the lower layer of vegetable oil, and the residues generated during the work process are all sunk into the water using the principle that the specific gravity of oil, water, and animal oil is different. The problem of residues, animal fats and fats in the radical fryer, repeated frying, acidifying and carbonizing the frying oil and transforming to carcinogens is fundamentally solved.

Improve quality and ensure health

    In addition, the middle heating effectively controls the convection of the upper and lower oil layers, and the special process makes the residues and animal fats leave the working layer. In order to ensure the purity of various oil layers, the fried food is not only full in color and fragrance, but also clean and beautiful (no dark spots), which improves product quality and extends shelf life.

Conducive to environmental protection and save oil frying pan.

    It penetrates into the oil layer to add moisture to the frying oil. This product solves the problem of excessive volatilization of the oil caused by the overheating and drying of the radical fryer. Oil-water mixing fryer technology makes a small amount of steam from time to time under the oil layer. Therefore, the oil is not greatly volatilized; the central heating process can adjust the upper and lower temperature according to the needs of the electrical control device, which can effectively alleviate the oxidation level of the frying oil and inhibit the occurrence of acid media, thereby prolonging the service life of the frying oil. , Reduce waste, save more than 50% of oil compared to the radical fryer, reduce air pollution at the same time, let the operator prevent the suffering of fumigation.

Oil does not smell, multi-purpose

    Zone temperature control, the process of the fryer is controlled by limit. Scientifically use the relationship between the proportion of vegetable oil and animal oil, so that the animal oil leached from fried foods sinks naturally into the lower layer of vegetable oil. In this way, the middle and upper layers of working oil always adhere to purity, and can be used to fry various foods at the same time. Your business variety.

    The oil temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily between normal temperature and 230 degrees. The 5 fryers are equipped with advanced automatic temperature control devices. After selecting the temperature according to the fried products, the heating on-off condition is automatically controlled to keep the temperature constant, which not only reduces the energy consumption, but also is easy to operate, the fryer is fast, and the working efficiency is improved, which is welcomed by users.