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How many years of history of dryer machine

Jan 02, 2020

Fried food is at least two thousand years old. Legend has it that the "Henrenshi" invented wood drilling for fire, ending the primitive life of human "rumao drinking blood". Since then, food and fire have come into contact, which has not only brought civilization to mankind, but also provided conditions for the origin of cooking technology. . The improvement of diet is not only beneficial to human health, but also improves the "taste" of human beings. People have become uneasy about "boiled" and are keen to "frying." From home-grown deep-fried cakes and fried Lantern Festival to imported "foreign" food, such as French fries, etc. Fried foods not only have a bright color, but also have a pasty flavor that is not available in boiled food, crispy and delicious, mouth-watering, and appetite greatly increased. Whenever weddings, funerals, weddings, weddings, and weddings are put on fried foods, they will add color.

    In ordinary people's homes in urban and rural areas, fried foods account for most of fried foods, and they have formed many stories beyond food culture. In the Southern Song Dynasty, the people hated Qin Yue for killing Yue Fei. They wanted to dispel the hatred of Qin Yue ’s pan, so they used two white noodles to pull up a long bar, symbolizing Qin Yue ’s two pans. "Fried Fruit" "Fried Fritters". The famous “Rescue” in Jianghuai is a flavored snack in the ancient city of Shou County, Anhui. According to legend, Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin served as the leader of the banned army in the following week. The army increased greatly and the victory was won. After Zhao Kuangyin became emperor, he was grateful to the people of Shouzhou for saving the fried pancakes, and the famous fried pancakes were called "the big salvation pancakes." Automatic Fryer