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Halloween frying equipment teaches you to make pumpkin heads

Feb 19, 2020

Required tools:

    3 pumpkins: It is recommended to choose two white pumpkins for the head and base, and another pumpkin for the middle part. You can choose orange

    A hot glue gun, a small brush, a little black paint, a small knife, a pencil, a few glue sticks, a black ribbon or cloth strip, a little white paint


1.—Before painting the face of the pumpkin, you should first cut off the bottom of the pumpkin, and then pinch them together in order to determine the specific position to paint the pumpkin face.

2. Place the pumpkins separately and paint two of them, then dry them in a cool place. After they are dry, hold them together again and determine the position of the face again.

3. Use pencils to draw eyes and mouths of equal size on each pumpkin, and then place them separately.

4. Use black and white paint to color the eyes, and be patient with the details.

5. Cut and roll the black ribbon, and then use a hot glue gun to stick the black ribbon to the pumpkin to make the shape of the mouth.

6. After making the face, apply glue to the bottom of the pumpkin, and then squeeze them together and dry in a cool place.