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Function of dryer machine

Jan 01, 2020

Introduce how to correctly identify the nine properties of the fryer:

1. How much is the per capita daily output of the fryer? Does the machine have functions such as automatic temperature control, automatic fishing, automatic residue removal, automatic oil filtering, automatic oiling, and automatic oil discharge?

2. The color of the produced food is good or not, the taste is pure or not, how long the shelf life of the food is, whether the cooking oil will rancid.

3. How much cost can be saved each day, and how much electricity, steam, labor, etc. are required to fry a ton of finished product.

4. Is the fryer repair simple? The performance of welding, motherboard, electronic components, instruments and meters.

5. How long is the service life of the fryer, such as the heating tube, the pot out device, the temperature control system and so on.

6. How much is the price of the fryer, and whether it is balanced with the production volume (average market price of fryer and fryer: around 3000-5000 yuan per ton per day).

7. Whether the certificate of the fryer manufacturer is complete.

8. Whether the fryer is beautiful and beautiful.

9. Is the fryer environmentally friendly.