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Fully automatic fryer reminds that traditional breakfast is not perfect

Mar 05, 2020

Full-automatic fryer hot breakfast obese high-fat fried foods can cause harm to the body for a long time, and with Western fast food, breakfast, lunch and dinner must also eat low-calorie foods. In addition, the western breakfast has the problem of nutritional imbalance, higher calories, but lack of vitamins, minerals, fiber and nutrition. When choosing a Western-style fast-food breakfast fryer, fruits or vegetables should be added to keep the balance of the fryer and ensure absorption of various nutrients. Another is best not to eat breakfast for a long time. Many people are accustomed to eating churros and soy milk in the morning. Not only does it taste how to eat it, but the automatic fryer has many years of "savings". Fritters are high-temperature fried foods, okonomiyaki, fried dumplings and high fat. After the food is fried at high temperature, the nutrients can be destroyed, and it will cause carcinogens; and the heat band of the fritters is difficult to digest due to the high oil price. In addition, the fatty foods in soy milk are significantly higher than the combined oil, and should not be used for a long time. . Breakfast must have vegetables or fruits, the best way to soy milk is to eat less milk articles, no more than once a week, lunch of the day, dinner as light as possible, unfavorable and then eat fried, fried, fried food, and more supplements vegetables. Many people keep some snack reserves at home, such as snow cookies, chocolates, etc. After getting up in the morning, the time is not enough, and the automatic fryer often does not have the extra hassle of making snacks easily and quickly.