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Frying process

Feb 25, 2020

1.It is equipped with an automatic lifting device and is heated by liquefied gas. It has the advantages of smooth rotation, low noise, no pollution, and adjustable angle. . The inside of the fryer uses advanced oil-water mixing technology, which completely changes the structure of traditional frying equipment, fundamentally eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional fryer, and then guides the new fashion of diet in the new century. Control, simple operation, convenient slag removal, energy saving and other advantages.

2.These physical and chemical changes occur in the frying pan frying process, some give the desired sensory quality of the fried product, some are harmful, and the food can also release some internal fat (such as meat fat) to fried fat Therefore, the oxidative stability of the newly mixed fat is very different from the original fried fat. During the frying process, severe chemical and physical changes have taken place in the frying oil. From the generation and decomposition of hydroperoxides, saturated and unsaturated aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, lactones, alcohols, acids, and esters have been volatile. Compounds; due to the combination of thermal and oxidation of free radicals, dimer and polyacids and dimer and polyglycerol are produced, the viscosity of the frying oil is significantly increased as a result of polymerization; the hydrolysis of triacylglycerol in a fully automatic fryer Free fatty acids are formed. These changes increase the viscosity and free fatty acid content of the oil, darken the color, reduce the iodine value and surface tension, change the refractive index, and increase the tendency to form foam. The chemical and physical changes of these fried fats are affected by various frying parameters.

3.The above is an introduction to the frying process of the fryer. I believe everyone has a better understanding of the fryer! Our company sincerely cooperates with you to develop harmoniously with high-quality frying pans and high-quality services!