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Frying Line: How to Fry Food

Dec 27, 2019

Frying Line: How to Fry Food

    Frying refers to a cooking method in which the raw materials are only marinated and flavored after being processed, and not directly pasted into the oil pan. They are generally suitable for animal raw materials. The fried animal raw materials have the characteristics of golden color, crispy and tender inside, but some nutrients are also lost during the fried process.

    The common method for clearing and frying is to use fresh and tender meat, pre-processed, cut into a certain geometric shape, weigh refined salt, cooking wine and other spices and mix with the meat according to the recipe, then fry it with high temperature and heat If it is made three times, it is called cleaning. Such as fried pork liver, fried fish fillet, etc., the finished product is crispy and tender inside, refreshing and crisp.

There are several ways to reduce the loss of defrost nutrients.

    1. Amino acids decomposed by protein in muscles during heating will cause reactions such as decarburization and deamination, which will cause loss of nutrients. Therefore, you should master the heating power and time to reduce losses.

    2. During the muscle frying process, due to the inconsistent contraction of muscle fibers, charring will occur in places where the surface is heated greatly, causing cracks, and the nutrients inside the muscle will overflow. Therefore, in this process, the raw materials should be uniformly heated .

    3. In order to improve the preservation rate and absorption rate of nutrient components of raw materials, the ratio of raw materials and oil consumption should be appropriate, generally 1: 3 is appropriate. The shorter the cooking time, the better, to reduce the spillage of nutrients. It is better to control the temperature around 210 degrees Celsius.